Friday, October 26, 2012

You are still the same

as you ever were

a little closer than before

objects appearing larger

than REAL

than TRUE

your voice still rings

in my eardrum

like a baramp-a-bum-bum

before the tattoo's

and before the longer limbs

you told me

all the ache

was from your glitter veins

pumping on

I'll tell you the same thing

if I didn't believe

that you were all stardust

because that's what you are.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

shadows and stars

What would happen
to little children
if their shadows
became more alive
more magnificent
than they could ever be
we would follow
shadows of ourselves
dark ghosts
reminding us
that we could be so much better
so much bigger
Sticky stuck to the pavement
hot and bland
what would happen
if we realized that we
were never very good and strong
maybe we would sail the high sea
just to see something starry
and bright bright
brighter than the dark

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sometimes I get a heavy heart
when I think
about all the things
that people stow away
inside themselves
they tuck it away in little caves
cross there fingers and
feel as safe as houses
but even houses fall apart
creaky wood
and rusted nails
people are like trees maybe
all rough on the outside
but filled with a dreadful
amount of rings on the inside
how many rings you got?
or books maybe
really old books
a binding holds
all those pages
you were always tempted
to rip it off
right off!
and let the pages fly away
like swallows
set free from
the raging quiet
of their cage

Sunday, October 30, 2011

things they never see

There are those ghastly
bare hours
where everything just hurts
they crawl in through the holes
that should have been patched up
so long ago
and sting away
buzzing and
humming in your ear
never pretty songs
and you close your eyes
and wish for The orca whales
with eyes that ride upon
a well mannered galaxy
and a slow setting sunset
that tips off the ginkgo leaves
to the starry night to come
and while they burn
around and about
you find an orchestra playing inside
lilting melodies
that you wrap up
in tiny boxes
little things scattered
that they could never touch

Monday, August 29, 2011

Remember me stark mangled sky?

Had never met a sister world
Squelched like sophmore seeds
Under bleeding soil
Finger roots
Ever reaching like
scars scars scars
40 was her number
even when they said it was 10
she wasn’t like the former highway dancers
hitting the rythym
with a heavy hand
staccato flyin’ here
never wanting a square
only wary circled sweets
yeah there were sweets
Seeking the hider
Under a tapping birdie
You silly little birdie


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The hope of elsehwere

Maybe somewhere else
might understand
me a little better
offer me secret whisker skies
and draw buckets of courage
from my deep reservoirs
for now
I'm little bits of myself
fragments of me
anchored in the sea
knee high deep
can almost hear the whales BREATH
corals humming
waves living song
me to sleep

Monday, April 18, 2011

maple dreams ripping ripping tearing seams

sometimes she forgets
that fireflies have lights
inside their belly
little tiny
she shoos them way
walks her tightrope walk
forgetting her maple hopes
so runny they were
so runny they ran
far to the icy sloped
diamond caves
oh they can wait

they still hum like little bees
she hears them sometimes
when she sleeps