Saturday, January 27, 2007


I am hippie. Okay I am a sort of hippie...I imagine authentic hippies don't start blogs, so it's safe to safe to say i'm a modern hippie!!!! So I woke up this morning to the hot humid weather of oahu, and said to myself why not start a blog about everything? sort of an online diary...yah that sounds uhhhh, groovy? You know most great things are started because of nothing at all. Example: the tv show seinfield, a show on a srange man who does some lame things, a lady who is a dreadful dancer, a bloke who has som peach fuz for hair, and a nutty lad who comes in without knocking...completely meaningless and yet so funny!!!
So I hope that this blog is a litle more meaningful than a tv show that was canceled.

more later
the wanderer

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