Tuesday, January 30, 2007

how do you like my poem?

I live my life trapped in a prison cell, coping day and night with dormant feelings and inspirations. They swallow me completely until I am left broken and torn. Day and night they swirl
dip and dive
They find thier way into my bed at night, and yet when I wake in the morn' abandoned I lay.They are forgotten. So tonight dear friend, when the dark weaves itself into your blankets, and the worries of your life set themselves at the footpost of your bed, slide me the key that frees me from the chains on my wrists and ankles.
Oh on that wonderous night I shall slip thogh the door with my imagination and all it's tiny wings. The door that has always been openeed for me.
So Live
Fly Away
Just BE
You are more than you, you are so much more.

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