Sunday, August 19, 2007

eye candy, like Marie here!

In a couple loooong weeks, i will be breathing in european air! i am so relieved that I get to blow all of the money we have been saving, for over a year!!I went to venice, Florence, Milan, Chamoni', and paris over a year ago, and it was so splendid. In Milan a man came up to my mum, my sister, and I, and started telling us our future...he said to my mom " you are going to meet someone in london" and he told my sister" you will go to colledge in California", and he told me" you will marry a doctor"
we didn't belive him, but now that I come to think of it, we are going to britain and my sis is going to colledge in california! I pray to God I don't marry a doctor, I would much rather marry a guy who loves musical theater or something ( like confessions of a carnaby streetbird's boyfriend( a great blog!!) are a lucky chicka!!)
anyways, i can't wait for Europe. the beutiful buildings, the happy birds, the breathtaking views! sighhhh, I'll stop now!


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Isa said...

that trip ´round europe sounds great, I mean, I live here but you never really get to see too much of the continent if you don´t do a real trip - have fun! :)

and hehe, cute of you to mention me. yap, it IS great to have found someone who shares your interests but actually, the same thing can be too annoying some time.. it´s not always rosey. ;)

xxx, isa