Friday, August 17, 2007

my goals for today

everyone should have goals each day they wake up, because if they stay at home and eagorge themselves on milano cookies all day, at leatst they will feel a little guilty. so... here are my goals:

1. to give away something I love
2. to hang found objects from a random tree
3. to smile at someone who I don't know
4. to buy another rubber ducky to add to me and my best freinds collection drink 8 glasses of water
6. to soak for 1 hour in my mums jacuzzi, and turn into a raisin
7. to look for a song to audition with, so that I may convince my mother to let me be in another play( even though i was just in one)
8. to look in the mirror no more than 3 times, so as to not get depressed.
9. to give my kitty, pookie, more love and fresh water because she deservs it!
10 to CARPE DIUM- sieze the day- and never ever stop!

okaaaaay, so those are not very noble pursuits but it will do for now!!!



Isa said...

ha, your goals really sound very noble and unselfish. :)
especially smiling at a stranger always leaves a good feeling.. whether the reaction is a smile back or confusion.

and good luck with your eight glasses of water- whenever I made health plans like that I somehow ended up in a mc drive.. ;)


Jo said...

what a beautifull list!!!!

jazz who likes jazz said...

thank you for the comments!