Saturday, August 18, 2007

my weird fetishes

Dear void
here are some things I love more than the smell of rain:

1. I love christmas music..yes all year round!! my ipod is full of judy garland, bing crosby, micheal buble' christmas music!

2. I love to dance. I know, i know... who doesn't right? sometimes when I feel blue, I blast some Alanis Morissette music, kick off my slippers and throw my cares up into the wind. i always feel better after.

3. I adore musical theater,. just this past summer I got the lead role, and it was so serreal! it's so nice to be someone else under those neon lights.

4. I love to be in the tub. and not just to shower...I love to read and write in there. it seems like the only place I can find peace.

5. I love and hate fashion. It's something I go to when I feel sad, but it always makes me feel more's like trying to fill a void with the things that can burn. But then again I LOOOOVE it. sigh... life is so full of contradictions

6. I looove little kids. they are so innocent, and mild. It's been said that I hang out with kids under 11, rather than kids my age. i don't want to have to deal with manhattan onceovers and reapplying lipgloss.

7. I love trees. actually that is how my blog name was created! i was camping with some friends, and a freind told me I always look and talk about trees, clouds and all that jazz... so she gave me hippie names. I couldn't pick one, so i picked my two favorites: starflower and indigo.

8. I love to read and write. people tell me that is soooo geeky, but hey, im me and they're them! My new favorite book is goose girl by shannon hale... it's oh so magical, romantic, mysterious, thrilling, and everything a book should be!!

9.i love carrots, and eat at least a half bag a day

10. I love to sit on my hamoc, and watch the wierd guy in speedos pick mangos, right above his nieghbors"no mango picking" sighn. it's hysterical.

with love

P.S no that's not me in the pic! isn't she groovy, though??

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Isa said...

love your thoughts, you´re a true free spirit!
and how cool is that? I´m doing musical theatre as well!
I did the leading part in "little shop of horrors" and in november will be the world premiere of "sky valley" my boyfriend´s play.. :)

good luck on the artsy sector! :)