Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Inspiring photo of the day

tonight I feel like wearing a flowy dress some gladiator sandals, and a flower in my hair! bieng in europe really makes you want to be you. The you that dances on the emrald green grass under the pale moon with the fireflies, it's like the gypsy in you comes out and faces the sun, like it makes you wild. i've heard it said that all good things are wild and free, well that's how i feel tonight under the burning stars...wild and free.

I feel esperanza growing in my restless soul


Isa said...

great way of thinking - just coming back to you, nothing else.
and nothing less.

new blog adress:

xxx, isa

jazz who likes jazz said...

aww, thank you! it feels good to just sit and have time finally to be me.


Jo said...

omg "me time" how I miss it! school have sole it from me...
uff but today its sunday and I just left all the work in stand buy and I am enjoying myself!

Im so glad you are having your me time and fiding yourself! enjoy it the best you can!

I love the ay you write...very fairytale!

love love love