Tuesday, November 6, 2007

happy happy happy

My day as viewed through the hole in the mailbox:

my mummy singing "if you like Pina Colada"
sister strumming fiercly on her guitar
while I watch the sun set over the glimmering sea.
we all have our own little worlds
our own oasis in the middle of the sea
in mine I own a roller blading park where the
jukebox plays and teens swing and fly

where men and women ride on purple elephants
to absolutely no where
and fly off in the blue when life feels a little too big to handle
Where undergroung worlds are filled with pirates and damsels in distress
and dancing and singing mermaids
the kind of place where brave people make a difference.

on days like this I feel like a million people all at once
pixie resting on a lampost in Rueond
horse named midnight lost in the enchanted forest
princess turned pirate
everything and anything is opened to you
if you JUST let it.
Just let it in!

joie de vivre

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