Sunday, November 18, 2007


I never knew what was so great about the city. All I see in it is noisy streets, irritating vendors, and dirty roads. I want adventure, too be somewhere where the sky stares back at you openly instead of bieng chocked out by massive buildings. I Lean out my window at night and hear that new life tickling my face. calling to me. Waiting.
The problem with waiting, was that I was never good at it.I have waited my whole life. waiting for my Mum and dad to pick me up from this dirty orphanage. Waiting for someone to realize I am worth something, beacuse i AM. Waiting for a chance to escape this prison. Waiting waiting waiting. I am so tired of bieng patient and putting on a fake grin, so some family will think I'll make a good kid. I want to go. run. FLY

writing from my bed on a silly Saturday:

I did mention my name was Andromeda didn't I? Well it is. Andromeda Something. everone has called me that since i was little because i've never stayed with a family long enogh to complete my name, so It's just stayed Something. I've heard my mum named me andromeda because she was an astronemer and belevived in all those greek mythical stories. I miss her so much it hurts.
that's why I've decided to run away from this rank dark prison. maybe to the ocean. I have never seen the ocean in all my life. So good night ocean that i have never seen, good nught dandelions outside my window. goodbye to those who might be reading my memoirs.