Tuesday, January 29, 2008

forever 21

I am currently obsessed with forever 21, and their amazingly girly finds. dear earthlings, I must say that I find myself in an eye candy trance...have you ever experience this type of enchantment? the eye candy spell hapens while looking in magazines, online, antique stores, or anything pretty really. you find yourself flipping through endless pages your eyes get so dry that when you do blink, your contact lenses drift to the floor like leaves to the dirt!! OBSERVE and emjoy my buys!


Isa said...

wow, those clothes are beautiful! they remind me a lot of erin fetherston style which is so adorable and fairylike. :)

I wish we had forever21 in germany.
I really need to go thrift shopping!

you´re always such a wonderful inspiration! <3
xxx, isa

vali said...

oh i absolutely love the dress...its gorgeus
but i fear we don´t have forever 21in austria too...