Friday, March 21, 2008

I took my kitty out today.
She stuck her ears up at every sound
And lay sleepily on the flowery hammock blanket.
I started to feel like a cat
Listening to every single sound.

Hearing a dog barking far away
Maybe for a chocolate cupcake
Like me
The birds gather on the long fence
For a choir practice
Singing their lovely sonatas.
The leaves wave their leafy arms at the blue
Sun, clouds, sky so vast
So unknown.

Some days my brain
Is a loooong rafter
High above your head
Going on for miles

And other days
they are dancing eyes
looking through the keyhole
of a locked door
waiting to be opened.
To be discovered.


1 comment:

Chic Individualiste said...

Hello my dear. I know you don't update frequently, but I just wanted to let you know that you have an absolutely lovely blog! I've been having fun digging through it for all the beautiful pictures and poems you post. :) Creativity is a wonderful characteristic.