Saturday, December 13, 2008

somehow i sort of wish
for something a little peculiar
maybe a gypsy friend
who sleeps in hollow rowan trees
leaving little gifts for
he wont ever tell me!

maybe something like
a secret room hidden under
my floorboards
its so filled
with ancient cups
and photo's
that seem to keep
thier spy eye on you
all I must do
Is find the KEY

its not that i don't like
who I am
or what i have
i just want
little splishy
splashy sparkles
every now and then!!!


Iroquios said...

Exactly babe... Exactly.

ANGELICA! said...

oh, how i love your blog! it is perfect in every way.
<3, angelica

LILY-SAGE said...

yay! jazzy! i heard ur free on saturday, we must get together soon! i cant wait :) shall we plan, and i can come to pick u up?

call me love.