Friday, January 9, 2009

crispy and mocha days!

you bought little tea plates
and sea shells
when you locked your keys
in the car!
I think we want to believe
in something
not so sticky
something that we could
take out of our little boxes
and hold in our hands
like true love?
or maybe just
cheap coconuts?

never forget
the little gleaming hours
that feels like bliss
and taste like
yummy strawaberries


Rosie Posie said...

goodness, i was so happy and smiley and suprised to recieve a comment from ou!!! i think your blog is absolutely beautiul and very inspirational. i dont know if i have commented before, but i really shold have to let you know how wonderful i think you are. so your compliments have meant such a lot to me, thank you ever so much!!!! the picture and words on this post are both so very beautiful.


Erica said...

your blog is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh look at your lovely blog! and your good and joyous poems! Are those your own photographs? If they are, i'm very jealous.
fran x
(ps. I write poetry too. It is a guilty secret, though.)

LILY-SAGE said...

this is about our day together!
you make it sound a thousand times more sweet <3

im gonna steal it to post on my blog, hehe.

love always!