Saturday, June 27, 2009

her and he

They lived
WAYYYY at the top of
the mossy mountain
deep into the haze
of the sugary sweet clouds
she curtsies
and he bows low
and they dance
they waltz
and sip chocolate milk
and nibble the prickly pears
as the world
moves below them
as they hang their frames
"cheek to cheek" they sing
they just waltz
one two three
looking down into the sea


Nina said...

Oh, sweet unicorn!
When will you return to your lovely scribblings and swimming thoughts? I am itchy with anticipation just waiting for the next one to flutter by and settle into this starflower and indigo wonderland. They are quite voluptuous things indeed, hehe ; )

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful blog! All you photos are so dreamy xx

Erimentha said...

you have such pretty images!