Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monsters words

I mean to sleep
but it seems like my
ticking cuckoo clock soul
is afraid to miss something
"what will you miss?"
she never answers me
so i let her write
her newspaper thoughts
I am on standby
I let my fingers rub
the pretty E's and O's
black black pinkies
then by six-o-clock
they tap at the jealousies
to be let let out
and as i open it
they scamper out
where I assume they
will loaf through
the morning sky
like little monsters


courtney jane said...

thats an awesome poem! i love poetry :) ur blog is cool
oh by the way do you know what happened to Lily? She hasn't posted in ages..

sarahjane* said...

so so beautiful, the most beautiful poem of yours that ive read*