Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a whisper that the stars sent me

What's makes life? Is it long windy runs.The rustling of the leaves.The rising sun.The glowing moon. The howl of the breeze.The tenderness of a hug.The warmth of a smile.
Sadness making its mark opon a pillow.Wishes cast opon the stars.
Coins tossed into a pool.Victories.Defeats.
Thoughts...thinking dreaming of how things should be but sometimes aren't.
The calls of caring friends.reading,smiling,laughing through e-mails. would life be without them?
A dreary road with no flowers,nothing to keep you going forward.
Lipgloss on my lips and mascara for my eyes. empty without a the frosting with no yummy cake.Life,what makes it go on? Days pass and seasons say good bye and hello again.
Memories of happy....making a friend.
Losing a friend.tea stays with me as my thoughts wander.
What is my purpose? Is this life.
So many things make me happy and so many break my heart.
Happy is to hear that my loved ones are doing well,happy is eat a pizza
,happy is to take a walk through the mountains,Happy is security.
Happy is to inhale my steaming cup of tea,happy is to write letter
.happy is receiving friendly smile...happy things abound.Sad is being alone,
Sad is fear,Sad is losing something you love,sad is wet,sad is hurtful,sad is too many things.
He has me in his arms...My hopes. My dreams. My future.My life.The rest is still unwritten.

-Courtney the red butterfly

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