Wednesday, January 31, 2007

doughnut, come hither!!!

It was a dark and stormy night.Unlike other Captains sleeping peacfully in the bed, Dutch captain Hanson gregory paced back and forth across the deck while his men rushed to and fro across it. He could feel a storm coming.In that moment he did exactly what every other sensible man( mostly woman) would do: he took out the box his men envied, carfully opened it and lifted out a decadent doughnut. Just as his teeth sunk into the sugery world of happiness, a huge wave lifted his boat and dropped it suddenly! Doughnut in hand, he shouted orders to his men then hurredly rushed to the wheel, as the deathly black wave rose, ready to engulfed the whole boat. with no place to put his doughnut down, he stuck his doughnut though the the wheel spoke.
Needless to say what happened to the crew and it's captain remain a mystery. All they found on the boat was the perfectly dry doughtnut on the floor whith a perfect hole in the center. In loving memory of these men, the doughnut was made whith a hole in the middle from then on!!!

Inspired by true events!!!

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