Thursday, February 1, 2007

I adore birdies!!

Imagine what it must be like to be a bird. Life consisting of:
batting wings against the wind that is so consistently invisible.
occasionally looking down a child dancing under the grey sky,
afternoon chior song with fellow humingbirds and pigeons.
the only predgudice is against the black crows that sneak up and steal your food( i'll get them back one day or another!!!).
the dizziness of my tiny head bumping into the newly cleaned glass,
the cries of injustice at those giants who step rudely on your crumbs, somehow they never look down at you
the bonding of a thet pretty star in the sky that you can never kiss
the fear of the roaming calico who eyes you hungrily

forgeting a kind hand
flying with the Indigo

( this picture is from, I love how the old guy looks glum and grey)

1 comment:

bree said...

OMG jazz.i didnt know u were a poet. did u really write all those...
i got hit in the face with a softball... see u thurs.