Saturday, March 31, 2007

every cat has a story!

British researchers found that a sheep can disdinguish and recognise as many as 50 other sheep's faces for up to 2 years, even in silhouette!!!! ( newspaper report)
The Yellow cat from the bakery
smelled like a cream puff.
She followed us home.
We buried our faces
in her sweet fur.
One cat hid her head
when I practised violin.
But she came out for piano.
At night she played Sonatas on my quilt.
One cat built a nest in my socks.
One inhabited the windowsill
staring mournfully up the street all day
while I was at school
One cat pressed the radio dail,
Heard a voice come out, and smiled.

- taken from pg. 17 of A Maze Me( poems for girls) by Niomi Shihab Nye! It's so cute and a must read!!!!! Someone told me I should read real poetry by a real poet, But if a "normal" kid or even adult and have passion for writing, you ARE a writer and a Poet! if you have a big blue wale inside you that is dying to speak, let it out baby!!!


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