Friday, March 30, 2007

A tree of great importance!

today I met a tree that was 4000 years old. She told me stories about how lamps and lights were strung from her branches, and how a young girl named ruby used to get lost in a book under the swirling sky and all it's birds. Ruby would give this tree 1 kiss every single day after she read that book, and oh!!!! how mrs. tree swelled with pride knowing what a stout tree she was. Then one day ruby moved away...But not without a kiss and a couple of salty tears. Years passed. the house that was once so filled with so mutch life was only an empty box that cried right along with that tree. Ruby came back one last time when she was very old, gave that tree one last peck, and flew away with the clouds and mist( mrs tree said that this is only what she would have liked to believe) the years were once again filled with life and a girl named priscilla, then there was Summer, and izzy... And after a while mrs. Tree was so filled with kisses and tears she thought she would burst. But she didn't. Instead she cried and laughed remembering such divine memories. That day the wind was as rich as the golden clouds twinkling about.

that tree told me the only thing she learned bieng planted in one spot with 1 million kisses:
It is not the years in your life that counts but the life in your years!!

Indigo blue

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