Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My lost earings!

hmmmmm... for some odd reason my earings keep disappearing, in pairs wich is really really wierd!!! maybe the earing monster is so enraptured with my beuty that he takes as mutch of my earings as he can... as a show of affection!! Anyways today has been really slow consisting of
water( I want a nice hot cup of chocolate rose tea... witch totally makes me WIG out!!!)
lots and lots of tinkering rain drops
looking at Fallingkisses.blogspot.com.. it's so magical and cute!!! And she's my b.f who moved to colorado...TEAR
and funny ink spots on my knee( how in the world do they gat there??)
and goldfish( not the most glamorous snack compared to tea and crumpets, but what can I say? I'm original(?)

right now i would live to jump around in the rain puddles like a little kid!! imagine my mums face when I walk in the house all muddy like in the movies!! HEHEHE i think i'll do it for the demon child award!!!!!

see ya when the sun comes out!!!

Indigo the cupcake lover


Italian Princess said...

Buonasera chica!!!!
I'm terriblly sorry to hear about your missing earings...I hope you find them soon. Life here in colorado isn't the same without you...I MISS YOU TONS!!!!!!!! You totally need to visit. I love your blog and all it's cute pictures. Enjoy the rest of your week! I will comment more later! But for now I must go.

bree said...

thats odd... loosing your earings in pairs... you must have just missedplaced them