Saturday, March 17, 2007

oh happy day!!

i am about to go to he beach( wiakiki) and it so so so freeeeeezing cold!!! After that we are going to this theater with old movies that you can watch for 1 dollar( the only problem with that is that homeless people sleep in the thaeter, so we might have some interesting stories to tell!!!) then I will take my wonderfully tanned( there is another problem I would Like to present: I do NOT tan! I blacken, so when i am out in the sun,in the night people have some trouble seeing moi) body to the bed and have the best night's rest( oh to dream!!!) so goodnight dear void, and whoever read's my poor helpless blog!!( all 2 of u)

the starry eyed chicka

P.S the pic is from! it's a portrait of me and my sister!

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bree said...

hahahahhahahah have fun... getting sunburnt