Saturday, April 21, 2007

My "Carpe Dium" list of extraordinary wishes

I am often told that my blog is filled with such poetic nonsense that doesn't make sense. So here is a post that does not require a whole lot of thinking or short sentances!!!!

My Carpe dium list that I shall accomplish before I draw my lat breath!!

1. I will, I will, I will... live every day like it is my last, And If I shant you have my permission to flush my favorite unicorn earings( GASP!!!!) down the drain!!!

2. I will write a childrens novel with my mother and buy her a house in Nantucket with the seagulls and sailors!!!

3. I shall learn to play the saxiphone even if it kills me

4. I will place notes on my neighbors doorstep and leave the name anonomous... and take much joy in watching them triiip!!!

5. I will travel to every corner of this world and leave bread crumbs to find my way back.( I am a hansel and gretal poser..beware!!!!)

6. I shall make time every day to write a poem, eat a piece of chocolate, and dance with one arm waving free. Just a cup of tea, fascinating rythum and me!!!

7. I shall continue to ask questtions even when people get annoyed, and I shall continue to hold on to my beliefe in Fairies and the Peter Pan in all of us

8. I shall learn to waltz and Tango and beat the socks off of everyone on the dance floor, YOU CANNOT STOP ME!!!! KAZAAAA..I feel like a wild women

9. I shall make my way in to the pages of a history book. SO THERE!!!

10. I shall make high and lofty wishes like this everyday so that I am forced to do them!! like they say reach fo the moon, even if you miss it you will land among the stars!!!


The picture is for the bottom dweller named Crispy


bree said...

uh... jazz who told u that... i like your blog... in fact i LOVE it. ... if i ever told u that im srry... your blog is AWESOME.... see u on thurday... acturally ill see u tommorrow if u come.

bree said...

thats cute jazz. what childrens novel are u gonna write... i CANT see ur mom writing a childrens novel... weird....... u are so cool... u, ur sis, and ur mom.
luv u guys