Friday, August 24, 2007

MY self portrait

Dear void,
okay so I am suppost to make a self portrate of myself in the past, so here i go:


My name is Indigo mendez and i was born 1952, I follow the ocean with my mum, sister and a frisky kitty named Pookie( who loves to Yack on my foot and sleeping bag, and smiles whenever I sing ) I used to have a cat named Buddy who was 20 pounds, but he died, so we buried him under the mango tree he used to sleep under. death is can someone be alive one minute and gone the next?? Oops, i'm getting waaaay off track.
it's 1964 at the moment, and we live in a teepee and eat marshamallows smores for breakfast. to make money me and my sister go into town and play music, we make 300 dollars a day and always get asked to get signed on to record labels, but we'd rather follow the call of the ocean.on weekends we take our boat ( the pink parlor) and sail the sea until the stars come out. We make freinds with a whale who has many secrets held in his glass eyes, a shark who loves to be scratched behind his fins, and a crawfish who climbs apon my shoulder without notice.
I love dips in the cold river, the sand between my toes, and the salty sea air. when My sis and mum are asleep I float in the ocean and pretend I am apart of it. under the pale moon and whispy clouds nothing could possibly go wrong.
I hate beetles in the teepee, my ugly toenails, and school. One day i will be extraordinary and own a horse named midnight

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