Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The whee birdy on my window sill

this morning I woke up feeling kinda junky. Do you guys ever have that kind of day when you look in the mirror and feel like your knees look podgy and your hairs all poofy? then I told myself...WHY ARE YOU FEELING THIS WAY??? Some people wake up and don't have that gift of even hearing the birds outside twitterering! And some people can't even see the ones they love, or the ocean on a breezy August day.. AND I AM COMPLAINING ABOUT THE MEAN RED'S???
I once heard about this guy who was mute, and couldn't even talk to his girlfriend. so he would bang on the sink" I love you" when she called him on the phone. Isn't it so great, that there is someone out there for everybody? SOOOOO romantic.

so every day I am going to wake up and thank God for giving me sight...because I know i take it for granted!


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