Friday, September 28, 2007

a dream of trailers

ooookay, so I tell my mum I want a trailer and this is how it goes:

Indigo: the girl who is a wistful dreamer and begs for a trailr
mom; Indigo's mother who thinks indigo is too much of a wistful dreamer and needs to focus on her school more. she also love teacups, but that's another story for another time
Indigo enters the bleu livingroom, where her mother is seated comfortably on a victorian sofa

indigo; mother?
mom: yupper
indigo: I want to own a trailer
more silence...

mom: a trailer??
indigo: wouldn't it be great? like a little home away from home? we could travel this earth and park by the sea side and go sailing or something.

Mom: trailers are for nincompoops who can't pay rent
indigo: not TRUE!!!
mom: end of discussion


I for one would love to own a trailer,
and no it is not because I don't want to pay the rent!!!!



Isa said...

love your dreamy ways.. :)
I´m a lot like that, too, people always tell me to be more "grounded", but what can I do, I´m naturally floating! ;)

anyway, a trailer sounds lovely, all the possibilities, going where you want to go, everyday a new sight.

a fellow dreamer in oxford heels


Jo said...

Im also a completly dreamer! but what would life be without people like us...reality is so cruel sometimes that is good to flyaway from that from times to times!

a trailer! it sounds adorable! i hope one day you get one!

keep dreaming, and never give up on it!