Saturday, October 13, 2007

I just got back from Europe yesterday
And I feel so different
It's something I really can't explain
it's like this red lighthouse in me
has shined it's silver light for the first time in ages

travel really makes you different
travel makes you wonder
wonder FUL
and Wonder FILLED
even the little things like eating cafe' gelato
on the crowded streets of chilly Florence
or the monstrous seegulls dipping thier feet
in the lapping mediteraniean sea
of sorento
or the 'wakey wakey eggs and bakey'
of a chipper blond tour director
who wears her hair in a beehive
and remebers to enjoy her food
in colorful Mexico...
it's all these things
and so much more
that make me WONDER

wonder how petting my spotty cat pookie
and walking down the blue hallway
in my wooden house
or eating hot saimin
on a new table
can make you miss bieng under the eifel tower
or hugging the old walls of the collesium
that is so touched with history
you could feel it
pulsing through your fingers

travel really makes you different
it makes you see things in a different way
and see it in a different light
it clears your head
and fills it with little sheep that hop from one edge
of your imagination
to the other

this is the longest post I know
but this is me picking up the leaves
of different colors off of the weathered ground
and placing them my blue book brain.
maybe then I won't forget them.

cioa bella's

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