Sunday, October 14, 2007

i want to be a century girl!!

This book about the life of doris Eaton is so enchanting. filled to the brim with pages and pages of her spontaneous life. The writer lauren Redniss explains her wonderful life perfectly:"
In 1918, Doris kicked up the youngest pair of legs in the bedazzling, feathered chorus line of Florenz Ziegfeld's annual Follies stage spectacular. For her 100th birthday in 2004, Doris was back on the same Broadway stage, in black taffeta skirt and silver heels, leading a conga line of a dozen dancers.
By the time she received her honorary doctorate at age 101, Doris had starred in silent and talking pictures, performed for presidents and princesses, bantered with Babe Ruth, offended Henry Ford, outlived six siblings, wrote a newspaper column, hosted a television show, earned a phi beta kappa degree in history (at 88), raised turkeys, and raced horses."
I want to be a century girl and live life out of the box. I want to make people amazed and wish for something more out of life than just stale bread and days and days of the ordinary.
I want to dance at age 101
i want y life to be so memerable that someone MUST wright a story about it
I want to never lose the little child that dances in the rain of my happy soul.
I want to be WONDER FILLED!


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