Saturday, October 13, 2007

at the artist corner

on the top of france
i climbed 1000 stairs
and came up to a still church
rather than climb inside
i sat on the steps
overlooking the flickering city
and saw a man propose to a women
they just stood there

everything stopped
and the stars
oh how the stars burned
they forgot who's hands were who's
clasped in the others.
a silent flurry of blackbirds
flew in their soul
they stood there flying

music pulsed
a girl with long hair
and flowy skirt
danced in her own silent procession
artists sit drawing the lines of life
from her wounded eyes
everything is cradled and held
like a blue egg in hand
at the artists corner.


p.s I have absolutely no idea why I picked this pic for this post, but somehow it works for me!!

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