Sunday, November 25, 2007

my secret window heart

My secret window heart,
in the pipes of ash
and wish flowers,
words cling to the side,
then tumble like dust,
that secret corridor of words,
filed with window panes,
and blackberry stains,
my carosel soul that swings,
high above your head,
in the pale murmurs of dawn,
feet swinging and smile burning
can you see me too?

My secret window heart
climb on in with me
separate these days apart.



The Lonely Star said...

Jazzy ur so beautiful!!
Did you write that? I love it!
You know for the longest time i never looked on your blog...its so cute!! Your such a good writer!
I miss you so much!! <333

jazz who likes jazz said...

Awwww, you are a sweetie! I did write it!! hehe, i havn't looked on your blogie for ages, either!!!! I miss you more!!

luv luv luv,