Tuesday, December 4, 2007

swim against the stream!

everyone is alway's doing what everyone else is doing.
I think we forget to break away from that!
wear what you want,
speak the way you want
talk to the little rabbit on the wall...
who cares what people think!

I once heard a story of a little boy
who went to school drawing unicorns having tea with geese
while all the other children drew rainbows and butterflies.
the teachers started to teach him how to draw what everyone else was drawing
as if it was wrong to be different,
by the end of the year he was drawing rainbows and butterflies too.
we ARE all different,
what's so WRONG about accepting that,
and embracing it?

If you feel like dancing in thee rain,
or playing duck duck duck goose at 50,
GO ON! dare to be different!
climb into your red tent of imagination
let it fill your SOUL!!


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