Monday, October 13, 2008

little whisps of love

I feel the secret
inside me!
But shhhhhh
they might come and steal it away

its rests quietly
and serene
locked in a little
treasure chest
at the corner of my dusty
wooden soul
where has that key
run away too?

Maybe magic
maybe hope
Maybe YOU
will crack open the lid
and finally see

won't you come?
I've been waiting


Betsey said...

oh my god, i love love love this one.
so pretty.

Claire said...

Fab skirt and shoes, and great picture in general. So artistic!

sophiejade said...

Amazing, this is one of the best. Everything you write is a dream..

LILY-SAGE said...

Your amazing, i love everything you write!

i miss you dearly, hope all is well!

the tea drinking english rose said...

that was beautiful.
you're writing is pretty and makes me smile.

Scheharazade said...

Oh lovely picture and lovely writing !^^