Monday, October 6, 2008


Sometimes I feel like
the little dancing leaves
at the bottom of your tea
round and round
and round
wont you come
and stir me up
tired of watching
from a distance
tired of bieng the stone
instead of the skipper


Ciara said...

Oh what a find! I am so glad I opened this particular door on my wanderings in forests blogland.

What a beautiful blog.

Thank you for reminding me what it was like to be 17. I will definitely call again.

LILY-SAGE said...

i love the picture!
where did u get it from?
-crispy ;)

the tea drinking english rose said...

awww... so lovely.

the tea drinking english rose said...

you have a gift from me, check my blog.

hrose said...

what a beautiful thought!
your bog is lovely to read.
ps. i'm linking you.