Monday, March 23, 2009

some sort of spicy day

I have this strange feeling
deep in the pit
of my stomach
like a thousand
red ants biting
nibbling away
at my tender insides
some say its worry
Mousy says it's fear
I think i believe him
I try not to mind
because I live in the place
where all the nova's
and galaxies dance
when you are
shutting your eyes
so tight
I like those skies
don't you?


McCall said...

i totally love your blog, this poem is really interesting and i really like it :)

Pansieberry said...

lovely. reading it makes me want to close my eyes and float into the stars.

LILY-SAGE said...

jazzylove i am starting to get a little worried. i havent heard from you in quite awhile. please write me and let me know how you are.

love alwyas.

ps. this poem is wonderful! i loved it (: