Thursday, April 16, 2009

hide and seek hopifollika

I dreamt a dream
last night
about hopifollika
a silly tasty dream
that you really did love me
the way i truly loved you
not a mediocre love
but the kind
that leaves the moon
feeling not so loneley
and the kind that feels
like fire in your soul
you loved me that big and vast
are you out there?
rattling my very being?
playing the endless games
come out
come out
wherever you are!


McCall said...

Hello, i love visiting your darling blog and reading your poems. They are wonderfully written. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me posting a couple to my blog? giving you credit of course :)

McCall said...

Thank you INDIGO :)
I will comment back here when I use one of your poems in a post.
Have a lovely day :)

Iroquois said...

I love you like... I'm all out of creativity for one night.... Wait, I got one....

I love you like tiny, tickley, bubbly toes!