Thursday, October 15, 2009

"never let it get to you"

"Let it grow. let it grow."

the long worn out song
they always sing
Boys really
"don't be afraid"
"let it swell, let it rise"
they never stop
it echoes at the edge
of my weary soul

thier Hope lacks
no enthusiasm
yet they are the ones
who march
with home pushing against
thier weary bones
and thier sword hilts
gleaming in the fading sun
crying "for freedom!"
as we sit and watch
from our quiet fortress
they are the ones
who gasp a dying breath
still murmuring
"for freedom"
"for freedom"

i still hear them
if I listen real close to
the whispering night
can you hear?


1 comment:

nina. said...

I hear.