Saturday, October 17, 2009

things that peirce

There are secrets
Secrets that tear at the flesh
Then there are realities
Realities that burn through the soul

there are places
places you wish to go
great places
with people
who have fire in their eyes
and books in their satchel

I've watched you grow
Watched your shoulders stand taller
And your feet run farther
And your hair grow longer

do you watch me too?
" I love thee, I love but thee"
you quote your Shakespeare
let the geese in your belly
soar free

I snap pictures of you
Standing tall
But seeming so small
Beside the Eiffel tower

"because I am so small"
she says
sad eyes
torn leather shoes
pretty little shoes

This is the movie
That plays in my mind
Day and night
Never stops
Never stops
But, what really gets me
It's that one tiny curl
That falls along the side of her tiny face

lips so red
eyes that shed
the teensy
tiniest fragments
of light
bright light
the light that blinds
have you seen her light?



1 comment:

Talisa said...

I love the text:) The oic is cute too.